Tool Logic LED-001 9 LED Headlamp Review at the Beach

In this post we decided to take the Tool Logic LED-001 to Orange Beach, Alabama for some beach crabbing! The Tool Logic LED-001 is a hands free headlamp with 9 bright white LED bulbs. It comes with a high quality elastic headband that is comfortable. It has an adjustment where you can make the headband fit just as snug as you want. The LED-001 comes mounted on a plastic attachment that holds the headlamp and weaves into the elastic headband. The mount has an adjustable tilt where you can aim the light exactly where you want which helps reduce neck fatique. The headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries and is housed in an aluminum body.

Tool Logic LED-001 9-LED Headlamp

Tool Logic LED-001 9-LED Headlamp

Tool Logic LED-001 Headlamp Combs the Beach for Sand Crabs

We couldn’t think of a better way to test out (and get a kick out of it) the Tool Logic LED-001 by strapping it to 4 kids heads as they scamper along the beach looking for crabs at night. I strapped a headlamp to my head as well so I could have my hands free to operate the camera. Below is a view of the beach right before it got dark, and we struck out to hunt for the crabs.

Beach where we used Tool Logic LED-001

Beach where we used Tool Logic LED-001 to hunt crabs

We started the crab hunt off with a formal mission, to catch crabs. The kids deployed their headlamps, ran out over the catwalk and onto the beach. In pitch black the Tool Logic LED-001 will put a bright 3 ft diameter light on the ground about 6 feet in front of you. This can be seen in action in the video below.

Sadly, the kids combed the beach for about 15 minutes, but no crabs. Evidently sand crabs to not come out onto the beach when the temperature is in the 60’s, which it was that night. We will have to wait until and go hunting for crabs when the night air is above 80°F which is when they come out.

The kids had a blast though, and they enjoyed having their hands free and being able to see in the dark. All in all the Tool Logic LED-001 is a handy and affordable little flashlight. Here’s the video:

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